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        About AEON

        AEON Basic Principles

        AEON Basic Principles
        The word aeon (AEON) has its origins in a Latin root meaning “eternity.”
        The customers’ beliefs and desires comprise the central core of our philosophy.
        At Aeon, our eternal mission as a corporate group is to benefit our customers,
        and our operations are thus customer-focused to the highest degree.
        Aeon Basic Principles are the following :
        “Peace”   Aeon is a corporate group whose operations are dedicated to the pursuit of peace through prosperity.
        “People”   Aeon is a corporate group that respects human dignity and values personal relationships.
        “Community”   Aeon is a corporate group rooted in local community life and dedicated to making a continuing contribution to the community.

        On the basis of the Aeon Basic Principles, Aeon practices its “Customer-First” philosophy with its ever-lasting innovative spirit.