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        HOT PRESS

        Vol.586 July 3, 2019

        Donation of Approximately 101,360,000 Yen for the Future of the Children in Tohoku

        Vol.583 April 24, 2019

        Aiming to Achieve an Inclusive Society Aeon supports parasports.

        Vol.582 April 3, 2019

        Aeon Tohoku Reconstruction Hometown Forests Program

        Vol.581 March 13,2019

        Bringing Safe Water to Children in Cambodia and Myanmar

        Vol.579 January 16,2019

        The Worldwide Standard for Good Agricultural Practices「GLOBALG.A.P. Number(GGN)」

        Special Volume3 NDecember 26, 2018

        Biodiverse Forests for Our Future-Tree Planting Activities-

        Special Volume2 December 26, 2018

        Considerate Meals for Our Future-Organic Food Products-

        Special Volume1 December 26, 2018

        Active Lives for Our Future-Local Community Activities-

        Vol.578 December 8, 2018

        Aeon donated 273,587,134 yen collected from customers to the 24-Hour Television Charity Committee

        Vol.577 November 28, 2018

        Winners of The MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity 2018 announced

        Vol.576 October 31, 2018

        The 2018 Aeon Cup Worldwide R.G. Club Championships held

        Vol.574 September 5, 2018

        Japan-China Teenage Ambassadors 10th Anniversary Reunion

        Vol.573 July 25, 2018

        The First “Matsuzaka City Tree-planting” Conducted

        Vol.570 May 23, 2018

        Empower the Tohoku Restoration with Wishes Entrusted in the Yellow Receipts

        Vol.569 April 25, 2018

        Every morning from 7. Wellness life begins at Aeon.

        Vol.568 April 11, 2018

        From Low Carbon to Decarbonization A New Challenge to Stop Global Warming

        Vol.567 March 28, 2018

        Join Hands and Foster the Power of Hometown

        Vol.566 March 7, 2018

        Taking the First Step in International Friendship through Understanding of Different Cultures

        Vol.564 January 17, 2018

        To Become a Forest Loved by Locals Where Nature and Humans can Coexist Harmoniously

        Special Volume3

        Supporting Healthy and Fruitful Everyday Lives Together with Customers for Years to Come

        Special Volume2

        Passing Down Gifts of Nature to the Future Together with Customers for Years to Come

        Special Volume1

        Connecting Communities with Great Care of Its People Together with Customers for Years to Come

        Vol.563 November 29, 2017

        Competitive Performance of Greatest Techniques. Striving for Further Growth.

        Vol.562 November 15, 2017

        In Quest of an Everlasting Beautiful Environment, Think Today for Tomorrow.

        Vol.560 October 18, 2017

        Afforesting with the Community to Protect People's Lives

        Vol.559 October 4, 2017

        The Power of Youth Make a New Epoch beyond Geographical, Cultural and Language Borders

        Vol.557 September 6, 2017

        Enliven the Community and Pass on Our Cultural Assets

        Vol.556 August 23, 2017

        Everyday Community Efforts to Prevent and Mitigate Disasters and Provide against Emergencies

        Vol.555 August 8, 2017

        Hopimg to Preserve Our Local Specialties, Preserve Our Pride.

        Vol.554 July 26, 2017

        Plant, Nurture and Create a Forest Towards a Greener Future.

        Vol.553 July 12, 2017

        Developing a New Form of Agriculture Towards the Future Alongside with the Community

        Vol.551 June 14, 2017

        Entrusting Our Wishes for the Recreation of Lively Tohoku though Aeon’s Yellow Receipt Campaign

        Vol.550 May 24, 2017

        Preserving the Blessings of Nature through Shopping Passing the Baton of Affluent Food Supply to the Future

        Vol.549 May 10, 2017

        In Hope for a Peaceful Society - Opening Educational Opportunities to All Children

        Vol.548 April 26, 2017

        Endeared in People’s Lives WAON Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

        Vol.547 April 12, 2017

        Side by Side with People in the Disaster Affected Areas for a Year- In Hope of Offering Assurance of Daily Shopping and a Place Where veryone can Gather with a Smile.

        Vol.546 March 22, 2017

        Dialogue Today for the Future - Forum on “Environmental Sustainability and Human Health”

        Vol.544 February 22, 2017

        Energy of Youth Becomes a Bridge to the World Through Learning Histories and Cultures of Each Other's Countries.

        Vol.542 January 25, 2017

        Enjoy Delicious Meals and Enrich Our Lives. Debut of New Food Style from France in Japan.

        Vol.541 January 11, 2017

        Preserve Diverse Ecosystem, And Sustain Green Earth Forever.

        Vol.540 December 7, 2016

        Plant Together and Nurture Together. In the Hope that Trees Protect the Future for the Community.

        Vol.539 November 30, 2016

        Sending Your Support and Prayers to Italy in the Hope of Quick Recovery

        Vol.538 November 23, 2016

        Passing on the Blessing of the Sun and Greenery to Future Generations. Promoting Japan-China Friendship through Environmental Conservation Activities.

        Vol.537 November 9, 2016

        For Tomorrow Living Together,Peoples’ Love Creates A Great Deal of Power.

        Vol.536 October 26, 2016

        Striving to Create Stores Filled with Discoveries Alongside Lives of Customers.

        Vol.535 October 12, 2016

        Look, Touch, and Learn the Process of Growing Fresh Delicious Vegetables.

        Vol.534 September 28, 2016

        Hoping for World Peace through Pursuit of beauty.

        Vol.533 September 14, 2016

        Beautiful Planet for the Future.Learning and Exchange Transcend National Borders.

        Vol.532 August 31, 2016

        Using Everyday Food Stock for Emergencies.Disaster Mitigation Measures to Continue without Burden.

        Vol.531 August 17, 2016

        Join Hands, for the Earth.Connect and Spread a Circle of Environmental Learning.

        Vol.530 August 3, 2016

        Grow a Forest and Sustain the Bountiful Water for the Future.

        Vol.529 July 20, 2016

        Launch of the First Overseas “AEON STYLE” Store in Hong Kong! Experience New Discoveries and Enjoyable Shopping

        Vol.527 June 22, 2016

        For the Future of Tohoku Filled with Children’s Smiles

        Vol.526 June 8, 2016

        Infusing Our Wishes into Each Sapling,To Create “Forest of Wild Birds” Where Citizens Can Relax.

        Vol.525 May 25, 2016

        Join Hands for the Early Recovery of Quake-hit Areas

        Vol.524 May 11, 2016

        Promoting Charms of Mie, in Japan, to the World Together with Communities, Now and in the Future

        Vol.523 April 27, 2016

        Toward the Dreamful Future where Work and Child-raising can be Balanced

        Vol.522 April 13, 2016

        Restore the Forest, Revitalize Local Communities.Infusing Our Wishes for Tomorrow into Saplings.

        Vol.521 March 30, 2016

        Reaching 25th Year of Establishment,Aeon Environmental Foundation Renews its Determination Toward the Greener Future

        Vol.520 March 16, 2016

        Join Hands and Foster the Power of Hometown

        Vol.519 February 17, 2016

        Creating Better Shopping Environment for Foreign Visitors

        Vol.517 January 13, 2016

        Environmental Friendly Logistics Towards Sustainable Future

        Vol.516 December 16, 2015

        Community Efforts for the Greener Future

        Vol.515 November 25, 2015

        Promoting Diverse Environmental Initiatives Towards Preserving Biodiversity

        Vol.514 November 18, 2015

        Pursuing Further“Customer-Satisfaction”

        Vol.513 November 11, 2015

        Delivering Our Wishes for the Earliest Restoration

        Vol.512 October 28, 2015

        In the Beautiful Performance Lays Hopes for World Peace

        Vol.511 October 21, 2015

        Wishing for Tomorrow with a Spirit of Cooperation

        Vol.510 October 14, 2015

        Toward Realizing Working Environment where Employees Can Achieve Their Potential

        Vol.509 October 7, 2015

        Japan and China Cooperate to Promote Environmental Conservation Efforts

        Vol.508 September 23, 2015

        Delivering New Style to Everyday Meal

        Vol.507 September 16, 2015

        Supporting Further Restoration of Hiroshima with Higher Awareness of Disaster Prevention

        Vol.506 September 9, 2015

        Spreading Peace to the Youth All across the World

        Vol.505 September 2, 2015

        Creating the Future where Human and Nature Coexist

        Vol.504 August 19, 2015

        Handing Down Green Planet to the Next Generation

        Vol.503 August 12, 2015

        Leaders of Tomorrow Develop Closer Ties between Japan and China

        Vol.502 July 29, 2015

        Delivering Japanese Local Specialties to Customers in Asia

        Vol.501 July 8, 2015

        Nurturing Forest to Protect Rural Livelihood

        Vol.500 July 1, 2015

        Providing Convenient and Enriched Life Style for Customers in Indonesia

        Vol.498 June 10, 2015

        Aeon's Yellow Receipts Represent Our Hopes for Tohoku Restoration

        Vol.497 June 3, 2015

        Hoping for the Earliest Recovery of Nepal

        Vol.495 Apr 15. 2015

        Providing Schools for More Children in Asia

        Vol.494 Apr 1. 2015

        AEON Values Individuality for Promoting Diversity

        Vol.493 Mar 11. 2015

        Making International Contribution with Customers through Daily Shopping

        Vol.492 Mar 4. 2015

        Aiming to Become No.1 Regional Supermarkets

        Vol.491 Feb 25. 2015

        Closer to the Customer Lives in Vietnam as Communal Supermarkets

        Vol.489 Jan 28. 2015

        Preserving Food Culture in Cooperation with Local Communities

        Vol.488 Jan 14. 2015

        Nurturing Community Mountains Hand in Hand with Local Citizens

        Vol.487 Jan 7. 2015

        Offering Enriched Lifestyle for Full of Smiles of Our Customers in China

        Vol.486 Dec 24. 2014

        Creating a Sustainable Tomorrow Together with Our Customers

        Vol.485 Dec 10. 2014

        Greener Japan for Greener Tomorrow

        Vol.484 Nov 19. 2014

        Conserving Biodiversity for a Greener Tomorrow

        Vol.483 Nov 12. 2014

        Promoting Local Specialties to Revitalize Local Communities and the Whole Japan.

        Vol.482 Nov 5. 2014

        Performing for World Peace across Borders

        Vol.480 Oct 15. 2014

        Helping One Another for the Better Tomorrow

        Vol.479 Oct 8. 2014

        30 Years, Achieved Together with People in Malaysia

        Vol.478 Sep 24. 2014

        Your Warmest Support Will Help Hiroshima through the Recovery

        Vol.477 Sep 10. 2014

        Together with Customers, Aeon Will Continue to Take Steps

        Vol.476 Aug 27. 2014

        Hoping to Nurture the Youth Who Will Create the Greener Tomorrow

        Vol.475 Aug 6. 2014

        Aiming to become a community base that brings better tomorrow to Rikuzentakata City.

        Vol.474 Jul 16. 2014

        Delivering Brand-new Lifestyle to Cambodia

        Vol.471 Jun 4. 2014

        Planting Our Wishes for Lush Greenery

        Vol.470 May 28. 2014

        A Brighter Tomorrow for the Children in Tohoku

        Vol.469 May 21. 2014

        Solar power for Vietnam to forge environmental interest among leaders of the future

        Vol.468 Apr 30. 2014

        Delivering More Active, Enriched lifestyles for the G.G Customers

        Vol.467 Apr 16. 2014

        More schools for more children

        Vol.466 Apr 9. 2014

        Planting 2,500 saplings in the suburbs of Hanoi to improve natural environment of Ba Vi National Park

        Vol.463 Jan 29. 2014

        Aiming to be a shopping mall that can enrich the life of Vietnamese

        Vol.460 Dec 18. 2013

        Launch an Asian Youth Exchange Program, Focusing on the Familiar Issues on the Environment

        Vol.455 Nov 13. 2013

        Forging Japan-Myanmar Friendship through Youth Exchange Program

        Vol.452 Sep 11. 2013

        Working on reforestation for three years Continuing the effort toward a more fulfilling future

        Vol.450 Aug 28. 2013

        Students from different countries meet to study together Aiming to live in harmony with nature

        Vol.449 Aug 7. 2013

        Hope for a brighter future Planting saplings one by one to restore the richness of the forest

        Vol.445 May 22. 2013

        Donating Renewable Energy Systems Overseas, Hope for a Bright Future for Children

        Vol.443 Apr 24. 2013

        Smiles spreading among children in Asia

        Vol.441 Apr 10. 2013

        Hoping to foster mutual understanding through youth exchange across national borders

        Vol.433 Nov 7. 2012

        To pass on a rich heritage of biodiversity

        Vol.431 Oct 17. 2012

        Inviting university students from Japan, China, and South Korea, Aeon hosts the First Asian Students Environment Platform (ASEP).

        Vol.418 Apr 18. 2012

        Building schools to help children build their hopes and dreams

        Vol.417 Apr 11. 2012

        Deepening international understanding through youth exchange program

        Vol.413 Feb 8. 2012

        Aeon steps across borders onto the vast stage that is Asia